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This post will mention some basic ideas to help you make money with your adult website. I hope this post is helpful for webmasters who begin to build an adult site but don’t know how to generate income from it.
Adult webmaster
Here I am going to tell you some ways  to make money with an adult website. Whatever ways you use, there is an important thing you should remember, traffic is money. The more traffic you have, the more money you make.
The first way that most adult webmasters use to make money is running CPC/CPM or  pop upadvertisements on their sites. This is the most popular way to bring income for adult webmasters. By joining advertising networks, you get their ad codes and place them on your website. You will earn when users click on the ads (CPC), view your sites (CPM) or get  pop up (pop up). There are some good adult advertising networks that you can join such as

The second way that you can use is direct ads sale. You can sale some ad spaces on your site with fix prices. If your site has much traffic and the traffic is good and valuable, advertisers will buy your ad spaces. Just put a banner on your site telling that your ad space is for sale, advertisers will contact you if they are interested in it. There are some advertising networks that can help you sale your ad spaces. One of them is Juicy Ads. Juicy Ads is one of the best networks out there. If there is no advertiser buying your ad space, their network ads will display on your site so you can earn money with their CPC program.
The third way to make money is using adult affiliate programs. Affiliate programs will give you a big amount of money if you know how to use it. You can choose among many type of affiliate programs to work with and earn money. You can sale adult products such as adult movies, adult toys…You will earn money when someone buy the products from your affiliate links.
Adult cams and dating are other affiliate programs which you can join. These two affiliate programs are used popularly on many adult websites. Their conversions are really good Adult Webmaster Empire. for cams and Adult Friend Finder for dating are the popular names for you.
There is another affiliate type that can give you much and fast money. That is content locker or content gateway. Your users have to complete some surveys before they can view your contents. Many webmasters have been earning thousands of dollars each month from this type of affiliate program.  (Update: I don’t recommend Lead Bolt anymore because many accounts have been disable by them without any reason. Many people say Lead Bolt becomes scam now)
File hosting and image hosting are also good affiliate programs. Host your adult content on their sites and you earn money when someone download your files. I have some friends who earn over $1000 each month from Hot File
 and File Sonic.
There are some ways to make money with an adult website above. If you have an adult website, I recommend you to use the following programs to make good money: Juicy Ads for CPC, Adult Webmaster Empire for cams affiliate, 
There are other ways that can generate income for you. These are just some examples that really work that I know. You can post your methods here by leaving comments. That will be really helpful for others.

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